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Cokato Minnesota attorney Thomas James at the Tom James Law Office. Personal blog sharing Tom James's satire, commentary, humor, and other stuff like that. Don’t look for a great deal... Read More

Thomas B James Esq. is an attorney at the Law Office of Tom James in rural Minnesota. He is also the author of several books and law review articles. Inexplicably,... Read More

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by Thomas James, Cokato Minnesota attorney at the Law Office of Tom James. Not many people are aware that tucked into the 5,593-page Act are two major pieces of intellectual... Read More

“What bothered me more about the emergence of so many people claiming to be his friends after he was assassinated, when in fact they barely knew him at all, was... Read More

“Nowadays, nearly everyone has been called a Nazi: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, George Bush, Barack Obama, a legislator who enacts a restriction of liberty that someone dislikes rather than the... Read More

In this article, Cokato attorney Thomas James (Law Office of Tom James in Cokato, Minnesota) discusses the decision in Corbello v. Valli. In this case, the 9th Circuit court of... Read More

In this law review article, originally published in the Mitchell-Hamline law journal, Cokato, Minnesota attorney Thomas James of the Law Office of Tom James critiques the U.S. Supreme Court's decision... Read More