Behaviors to Take Notice of in a New Puppy

When getting a new puppy, a lot of things stand out. There is a new puppy smell like cars and the fur looks vibrant like a stuffed animal. However, there is a lot more to notice. Dogs are very intelligent animals who display a lot of their thoughts through their physical behavior, similar to humans in cases. With being one of the premier sources for dog training south jersey, we have taught a lot of owners the common behaviors to read when it comes to their new furry friend, so they don't overthink or confuse how their pet might feel. Here is a few of the obvious and not so obvious signs to look for.

Confidence & Dependence
One of the easiest and widely known behavior reads is observing how the puppy reacts when you pat your hands on your legs beckoning for some cuddles. A puppy with a lot of confidence will come over and try to play with you. A more fearful pup of you will walk away from you or stay stationary in place. This is one of the simplest behaviors to notice, but an important one.

Attraction & Independence
Another one of the easier behaviors to analyze is how a puppy reacts when you walk away from him/her. With this, stand by your pup and make sure the pup sees you walk away. As expected, a dependent and attracted pup will follow as previously mentioned while a independent pup will not follow you at all. This is quite useful especially when trying to figure out how long to leave your puppy alone for in the event that you have to work and so forth.

It is commonplace to play ball with your puppy by crouching down and attracting his/her's attention by waiving the ball every which way. Your puppy's level of interest will determine how obedient your puppy will be or trainable. If your puppy is quite disinterested, they will be quite harder to train.

Two easy tricks to do with your puppy to determine sensitivity is messing with their front paws and making a mysterious loud noise. Take your puppy's front paws and press it lightly be

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