Best resorts in Kodaikanal for family | Thapovan Resort

Best resorts in Kodaikanal for couples

There is no law that prohibits unmarried Men and Women from staying together in resort. Even unmarried couples can book a hotel safely and comfortably. Kodaikanal unmarried couple-friendly hotels allow unmarried couples to check in hassle free.

The Thapovan Resort in Kodaikanal is a popular choice among tourists looking for love on holiday! It offers beautiful panoramic views along with luxurious rooms which might be perfect for un married couples. It also has many activities like boating, cycling, trekking and more that can be enjoyed as a couple.

Extremely safe for couples, Thapovan offers a comfortable setting surrounded by mesmerizing natural beauty. The locals here are known for their warm demeanor towards visitors. Thapovan resorts and accommodations ensure a safe environment for travelers.