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The atmosphere protector of non-public safety: UAVs currently have various functions for instance logistics and delivery, monitoring information, aerial photography, etc. The same goes with the birth of UAVs that could record our way of life also coming possibly it's a real possibility soon. The "Mind4" quadrotor drone created by AirMind in Shanghai remains awarded the title of "Tracker drone" because it can track a person or target as well as the reason for shooting it.

The appearance concept of ‘Mind4’ is always to record our method of existence, even non-human creatures. The digital camera outfitted with "Mind4" can hide to twenty meters in the designated object. Having its automatic navigation function, the most height of "Mind4" when tracking the selected target is capable of 20 meters, as well as the farthest distance depends on 50 meters. Therefore it may be controlled by gestures.

Quad-rotor drones outfitted with built-in cameras are really broadly used, however, many drones still be remotely controlled. Gps navigation navigation-based tracking technology cannot make certain the truth of the positioning of the object (that's, the spot that the camera points), because civilian Gps navigation navigation is generally not accurate.

Taking into consideration the rapid progression of civilian drone products over time, the birth of items for instance "Mind4" may not be surprising. Afterwards, old drones that could track and record designated targets can fully monitor and safeguard personal safety. Consider: Afterwards, once your child visits school or plays, you will notice numerous drones to follow and scan dangers anytime to guard his safety.

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