CBD Sports Recovery Elevate your fitness routine with CBD for muscle recovery

R&G is a fast action, patent pending, unique formulation combines the known benefits of CBD, Magnesium, Camphor and Menthol to help relax and recover after performing like professionals.
Product offering:
1. CBD- CBD is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties. CBD may have a positive effect on pain and may reduce swelling and may induce analgesic properties that
play a vital role in pain relief.

2. Menthol –a topical analgesic (pain reliever). Menthol produces a cooling sensation by stimulating the skin’s thermos-receptors, which send the brain a signal that is interpreted as cold, numbing effect.

3. Magnesium chloride – is a known muscle relaxant and food supplement. We developed it into an easy-to-absorb form that may be able to raise levels of this nutrient within the
body when applied topically to the skin.
a. The magnesium, absorbed through the skin, is claimed to relieve muscle pains
and aches and to enhance relaxation.

4. Camphor- Assists to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation, and preventing skin redness.

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