Chicken Noodles, Sesame Sauce Noodles and Noodle Soup With Shrimp Meatballs

Chicken Noodles

[Materials]: White-colored-colored chicken, noodles, cucumber, sesame paste, sesame oil, sugar, soy sauce.

[Method]: 1. Following a noodles are cooked, take them of and permit them to sit in cold water.

2. Cut the white-colored-colored chicken into shreds, wash the cucumbers and cut them into shreds, and employ them the cooked noodles.

3. Put the sesame sauce in to a bowl, add sesame oil and stir well, adding soy sauce and sugar to dilute with cold steamed water, then pour it round the cold chicken noodles and serve.

Sesame sauce noodles

[Materials]: noodles, sesame sauce, eco-friendly onion, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooked salad oil.

[Method]: Following a water is steamed, then add noodles and make preparations them out, place them in a bowl, add sesame sauce, eco-friendly onion, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, cooked salad oil and stir evenly before serving.

Noodle Soup with Shrimp Meatballs

[Materials]: cucumber, shrimp, minced meat, ginger root, soba noodles, salt, starch, cooking wine, black fungus.

[Method]: 1. Clean the shrimp, provide a little cooking wine and salt, stir well, then rinse with water.

2. Chop the shrimp, add appropriate volume of salt and starch, stir clockwise to produce a puree, then buy it in to a spherical shape along with your hands add appropriate volume of salt and starch for the meat filling, stir clockwise to produce a puree, buy it to the sphere is ready for use.

3. Boil the soba noodles and place them in a bowl.

4. Put the shrimp balls, meat balls, black fungus, cucumber slices, and ginger root slices into boiling water and make preparations, and provide just a little salt to taste.

5. Pour the seasoned bittern round the noodles and eat.

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