Class 11 English Snapshots Word Meanings

English is a very widely spoken language in our country. Not only is it spoken in our country, but also in many other ones. It becomes a medium of instruction and, most importantly, one of communication. Speaking good English allows one to stand out amongst a crowd. It gives you control of the room while instructing or talking.
Have you ever wondered as to how some people captivate and hold all the attention in the room with just their words? How are some people able to write so eloquently that all their words convey emotions so clearly, even enough to bring tears to one’s eyes? All of this is the power of language.
The English language is one that can allow many expressions and creative thoughts provided we know how to use it. There is no point in having all the knowledge in the world if one cannot express it. Learning a language is also not the same as learning any other subject or skill. It requires patience and dedication.
NCERT has included this important language as a part of our curriculum since the beginning. This is one of the best ways to learn the language, beginning from a young age. The prescribed textbook for CBSE Class 11 English is Snapshot.
Snapshot is a way of instantly clicking pictures to capture the best emotions and memories; Snapshot Class 11 tries to celebrate this moment of joy by compiling eight stories by different authors.
These stories are written in lucid language, which has underlying meaning within the plot. A student, by thorough reading, will understand the duality in characters and their action. They will explore the world of literature where plots, setting, theme, symbolising, point of view and conflict plays a vital role.
This Class 11 English Snapshot solution is the best way to prepare for exams and strengthen the base.

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