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Welcome to Brisbane’s newest law firm with more experience than just about any other. Accredited Specialist James Noble has been practicing in the Family Law field for about 40 years. What he doesn’t know about family law in Brisbane and Australia is not worth knowing.

The James Noble Family Law name is changing to reflect the new direction the firm is taking in expanding its law services. Combined with the introduction of a well-experienced and respected lawyer to join James at the helm of the Family Law giant in Brisbane, things are on the up and up.

With Family Lawyer, Charles Noble taking an interest in the firm a rebranding was always going to be on the cards and now it can be shown that James and Charles proudly work together to offer the best family law services for clients anywhere anytime.

Building Solutions & Breaking Barriers with James Noble Family Law
After a short stint combining forces with another firm James Noble Family Law saw the opportunity to grow and develop outside of their model, using technology to deliver services to clients thereby reducing client costs and giving the firm the ability to work from anywhere and have access for the clients at any time.

James Noble Family Law was frustrated with the old-school charges for copying, printing, emailing, and “care and consideration” with the firm they were associated with. The charges to clients seemed to be getting higher and the charge-out rates of the lawyers were also increasing.

Many of our clients were unhappy and that is not how James Noble Family Law has been perceived in the past and nor was we willing to go ahead on the same path. A client and outcome focus is our goal now (as it was before) and we do not charge clients any more than an hourly rate and any Court or outside fees that are out of our control.

At Noble & Noble Lawyers what you see is what you get.