Location: Japan

Noto area still struggling with aftermath of New Year’s earthquake, The quantity of evacuees dropped to 2,288 on Thursday and safe houses are step by step contracting. The water blackout... Read More

High-speed traders and short sellers face increasing crackdown in Asia, Thailand's arrangement to increment controls on high-recurrence exchanging — powerful Monday — follows moves by China, which will before long... Read More

Japan Increases Vigilance After Russia-North Korea Treaty; Fears that a new pact could accelerate North Korea’s nuclear development, Kim clearly had as a top priority the Settlement of Harmony, Participation... Read More

Blackstone will acquire Japan’s Infocom, Infocom, which gives the 'Mecha Comic' administration to cell phones, has consented to the takeover offered and will be taken private to seek after development... Read More

Mexican designer recycles election ads into tote bags, Throughout the last year, Spirits has brought down the omnipresent pennants, taken scissors and sewn them into handbags, which he sells for... Read More

Nepalese honey collectors say fewer beehives threaten tradition, Presently the well established make is progressively under danger, as certain specialists say climbing temperatures brought about by environmental change are upsetting... Read More

‘Well-being manicures’ bring a touch of color into the lives of Japan’s elderly, The act of wellbeing nail treatments traces all the way back to 2012, when Yukari Araki, a... Read More