Nosebleed Symptoms (Epistaxis)

A nosebleed, also known as nasal epistaxis, is the loss of blood from the tissue lining the inside of the nose. They can be alarming but are usually not serious. Nasal bleeding is generally caused by a mix of dry air and the microscopic blood veins lining the inside of the nose.

There are a lot of tiny blood vessels in the nose. The air you breathe is made warmer and drier by these vessels. However, they are situated inside your nose. Air that passes through your nose may dry and irritate your blood vessels. This means that breaking or injuring them easily could result in a nosebleed. Nosebleeds are generally not serious, although they are annoying.

Nosebleed Symptoms: Do you frequently get nosebleeds? Sudden nose bleeding, a blood clot in the nose, or dizziness are possible symptoms. Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with doctors for a proper assessment and care. Your well-being is important.