Turning One to None: Overcoming Alcoholism

For some, alcohol has become their means of coping with stress. For others, this dependence becomes more extreme as they turn to alcohol to ease their worries and help them sleep. Sure, alcohol can help numb out stress and negativity away. It can help knock one out in an instant, but in the long run, consuming an unhealthy amount of alcohol will be more harmful than beneficial.

Overcoming something you’ve grown accustomed to is never easy. Cutting off the alcohol from your life isn’t simply closing a bottle and hiding it in your drawer. It’s closing a bottle and hiding it, then spending hours standing by your drawer, craving and itching for a specific drink. You reassure yourself that maybe one sip will do. So, you give in, only to find yourself, moments later, with an empty bottle in front of you and regret weighing you down.