Vedas Leaf Hibiscus ,Jasmine , Butterfly Blue Pea And Chamomile Flower Green Tea Pack Of 4

mprove the level of skin pigmentation

Jasmine tea is very good for the skin and improves skin pigmentation in your body. This helps to reduce the level of pimples and wrinkles in your face and body. This will feel refreshed and active throughout the day.

Improve the condition of high blood pressure

If you’re facing the condition of high blood pressure and any other heart issue then this organic India green tea will be very beneficial for you. Also, if you’re a heart patient or kidney patient then this product will help you to recover fast.

Blue Pea Green Tea
Vedas leaf presenting Vedas Leaf Antioxidants Blue Green Tea-100% natural (BUTTERFLY PEA FLOWER GREEN TEA). This product is made with high quality and 100% natural Butterfly Pea Flower leaf. Herbal Green Tea is one of the rare and very effective plants.

Chamomile Flower Green Tea
Veads leaf introduces Vedas Leaf Antioxidants Chamomile Floer Tea– 100% natural ingredients. Organic green tea is one of our best-selling products in the precious collection of Vedas Leaf. If you’re facing the problem of sleep and anxiety then this product will be very beneficial.