WEEE Recycling Services From VDR Resale

E-waste, also known as WEEE or E-waste, is electronic and electrical waste. It includes almost everything that has a plug, for instance, or a battery. Our team of dedicated professionals is available to assist your business in finding an extremely safe and sustainable solution for all your electronic waste needs. Remember, a fine could be imposed if you don't dispose of your WEEE waste properly.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can rely on us to help them take care of their waste equipment in an eco-friendly, safe and compliant manner. We will purchase your equipment at the highest market prices if it can be resold, refurbished or sold again.

You can either use our services as one part of a regular program, or we are also available on-demand. You just need to give us a phone call. We will send our collection team to you to remove the items.