Why is cockfighting so popular in the Philippines?

Cockfighting in the Philippine culture, cockfighting is very popular in the Philippines, because it can help them make a lot of money. In the Philippines, cockfighting will depend on the owner's arms like pets. Men in the Philippines would rather violate the rules and accept Moral condemnation should also be thrown into cockfighting, because in the process, rather than money, one can gain status, honor, dignity and respect. On this stage, the rooster is the "agent" of people, fighting for their village, faction, community, caste, and class. The relationship and competition between people in society is concretely and slightly symbolized on this cockfighting arena. manner of performance. This is how Filipinos describe the importance of cockfighting.[There is nowhere more Filipino majesty and masculinity than in a cockfighting ring, where power and skill reign supreme. The fighting and courage of cockfighting are regarded as the norm of male virtue. He awakens all the qualities associated with masculinity, linking to a universal male posture]. Cockfighting has become a "good business" in the Philippines due to legal gambling. This industry can create a value of more than 10 million pesos, and even become a market for multinational companies to invest in. This country, which is filled with tens of thousands of cockfighting fields and has millions of cockfighting cocks, is also known as the paradise of cockfighting. Such commercial interests may also reflect the inherent nature of Filipinos. Even with their faith, honesty, and optimism, they are willing to have fun and take their chances in such a game.