Will Covid-19 Affect My Court Date?

The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia will remain open to hear matters during these uncertain times.

To help navigate some restrictions that are in place, many hearings are being conducted by telephone, save for some interim hearings and trials which are still being conducted in person at Court. It is important to note that the Court may change how your matter is being heard at any time up to the date of hearing pending the circumstances and restrictions surrounding COVID-19 affect at that time.

If your matter is taking place by telephone or Microsoft teams, the Court will provide you with details either in the Court Orders or by email. If you dial into the Court for your Court appearance, it is imperative that you remain silent (not hold) until your matter is called.

It is important that your contact details on the Court portal reflect your best contact details as the Court will notify you of any changes to when and/or how your Court appearance will take place by email to you. If you do not have the correct contact details on the Court portal, you may not be notified of any changes.

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