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Since July 2010 Altruistic Surrogacy has been a possibility in Queensland. Whilst the Surrogacy Act allows Altruistic Surrogacy, a Commercial Surrogacy arrangement remains illegal in Queensland. It is also illegal... Read More

For the sake of your family and children put away your hatred and animosity and endeavour to talk to your former partner in a reasonable manner only if for a... Read More

Please advise in the Questionnaire whether you intend to purchase the property as joint tenants or tenants in common (and, if so, in what proportions) as we will need to... Read More

Congratulations to our client of many years, Mr. Cristian Todie, for the successful launch of his Kickstarter campaign and his upcoming distribution of the TodieBook at the Louvre Museum. Access... Read More

An off-the-plan contract will usually contain a sunset date which is the date by which settlement must have occurred. The Contract will generally stipulate that if a settlement has not... Read More

What is Binding Financial Agreements? A Binding Financial Agreement is a private contract between two parties in which they are effectively finalising property settlement and spousal maintenance issues outside of the... Read More

In parenting proceedings, parties are required to complete a Court form titled Notice of Child Abuse, Family Violence or Risk which discloses any allegations the parent may have against the... Read More

What a fantastic experience today attending the ringing of the New York Stock Exchange’s closing bell with our client and friends, Metaurus Advisors. I am beyond grateful to be included... Read More offers Speeding Ticket Defense Attorney, Traffic Ticket Attorney at Nassau County, Suffolk County, New York, Long Island, Babylon NY, Islip NY, Huntington NY, Southampton NY, and Massapequa NY. Call... Read More

Congratulations to our client, Dr. Cliff Corman, and the rest of the Corman Attention Technologies, LLC team on the procurement of its patent for Systems and Methods for Assisting Diagnosing... Read More